Event Lighting

Lighting is the best way to make your guests feel the way you do on your special day.

Why is it Important?

Lighting is important because it sets the tone or ambiance for the reception or event; you can induce a type of mood or feeling. Use blue or purple uplights, to create a winter wonderland or use reds or yellows to create a space of warmth. String lights can be used in coordination with fabric to drape the ceiling or backdrop a head table. With the use of uplights and string lights, enables you to turn down the normal, boring fluorescent lights and set your event apart from the rest. Guests are more likely to get down on the dance floor when uplights and dance lights are present. Think of it this way, when a bar closes, what is the first thing they do to make patrons stop what they are doing and exit the building?

What are my options?

  • Uplights: Light up walls and fabrics. Can be used to spotlight a feature or to provide an overall wash of color to the room.

  • String/Net Lights: Used to drape on the ceiling or walls to create a magical feeling. Can also be used on the perimeter of a tent to allow for more intimate lighting.

  • Gobos: Used to display the name/initials of Bride and Groom OR the a company's logo. It can be displayed onto a large wall or onto the dance floor.

  • Pin Spot: Used to spotlight centerpieces on the guest tables or to highlight the Wedding Cake.

  • Dance Floor Lighting: Lighting equipment such as strobes, rotating heads and other lighting effects can set the tone for an exciting dance floor. Ask your DJ about providing these items for your event. Some may even have intelligent lights that change with the beat of the music.

  • Decorative Lighting: Items such as a Lanterns, Candles/Tea lights or battery-powered copper wiring lights can be used to accent guest tables without providing an abundance of light.

How many do I need?

Determining the amount of lighting equipment you will needs depends on your guest count and/or size of the venue. For uplighting, you should technically space each uplight about 5-12 feet apart. The closer you place the lights, the better the wash of color in the room. In general, you could expect to need about 15-25 uplights for an event with 150 guests OR for a 75' X 75' event space. For string lights, the number of strings you will is simple math; Most string lights are 25'-50'. For lighting the perimeter of a 40' x 80' tent, you will need 5-10 strings. If you are looking to create a bistro affect inside that same tent, each strand should be 5'-10' apart, so you will need 10 50' strands. Note: some string lights do not allow for an end to end connection between lights, each strand may need a separate socket. Also, be sure to have the proper power equipment for your lighting. The number of decorative lighting pieces depends on the size and desired illumination. We recommend creating a full centerpiece and test it in a room with dimmed light. Then multiple that by the number of guest tables you will be having; most events will have 8-10 guests per table.

How much will it cost?

Some lighting such as dance floor lighting, gobos/monogram display, and pin spots are packaged with venue and DJ pricing. Expect about $250-$750 for lighting in these categories. 1st Capital Events has inventory stock for the rest!

Here is a list of what we offer to rent or buy:

  • Uplights: $20/each

  • Standard 25' Bulb String Lights: $25/each

  • Standard 50' Bulb String Lights: $50/each

  • Light Nets (40' x 40'): $15/each

  • Battery-Powered Copper Wire Lights: $1/each

  • Lanterns: $5/each

  • Battery-Powered Tealights (Waterproof available): $1/each

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