1st Birthday Theme Idea

1st Birthdays have most recently become a huge moment to celebrate. It is a great opportunity to host a cute, silly party and there are plenty of themes to choose from. We have listed in this article, the 10 of the most popular 1st Birthday Themes.

Mickey/Minnie Mouse

This is one of the most popular birthday themes. A party centered around Mickey would have a color scheme of mostly primary colors of red, yellow, blue and black. For a party that is centered around Minnie the colors would be mostly pink, purple and white. Common games for this theme is Pin the Nose on Mickey, and Pin the Bow on Minnie. A common decor item is using Mouse Ears cutouts to string together and create a 1st Months Picture Garland.

Disney Movies

A movie themed party is perfect for a 1 one year old. You can decorate your home with scenes from the movie or choose one particular scene to reenact in your own home. The birthday star and their guests can dress up as the different characters. Imagine the photo opportunities! Deciding on a color scheme and decoration ideas are pretty simple using this theme since these items are predetermined by the subject you select. If you are looking to boost the theme, have the movie playing in the background with or without sound or play the soundtrack.


Does your little one have a favorite book, imagine how excited they would to see the pages of their favorite book come alive. For example, Cat in The Hat would be a perfect party theme for twins, you could dress them up as Thing One and Thing Two. Party favors can be Dr. Seuss book marks along with a Dr. Seuss book. This theme is a perfect way to get super creative with the decorations and set your event different from others. You can set up a photo opportunity that puts you guests on the cover of that book.

Famous Kids Cartoons

If you are looking for an interactive party theme, this is best one to choose. Since children's shows are naturally created for interaction, coming up with activities/games can be simple. For example, A Blues Clues theme party can be fun and a great way to use your imagination. Paw prints can be created out of blue paper or felt and paste onto the front side of solid blue note cards. Use the paw prints to navigate guests to the cake, gift table, game space and bathroom. Clues can be given to a fabulous treasure.


Your little adventurer is in for a wild first birthday with a fun safari theme party. The guest of honor will love the brightly colored and fun Safari Friends. Decorating your house with bright colored lions, tigers and giraffes can bring this theme to life while also using muted browns and greys to really make your colors pop. A photo both could include props that little ones dress up as animals or a Safari Hunter. BTW these hunters hunt with cameras not guns!

Nautical/Under The Sea

There are a ton of theme ideas involving the ocean. Sharks, Mermaids, Marine Life, Pirates, and Ships can all be incorporated into this theme choice. Really bring out your theme with blues and greens; even use pops of color to showcase different species fish. Some other decor ideas include anchors, sails, and surfboards. You can even create a little beach in a baby pool and include a chair and sand toys for the little one to be in when opening presents.

Colorful (Candy Colored)

What is better than cake at a birthday party? CANDY!!!! Your young party goers will love the bright colors and life size candy props. Imagine turning your home into a life size Candyland Game. Bright colorful balloons and streamers will be easy and inexpensive decorations. Of course, you may want to also consider a candy station using clear containers to really display your colorful theme.

Little Princess/Prince

Give your little princess or prince a magical day as they become royalty for the day! This would be a great opportunity to hire local talent to portray the little one's favorite royal characters. Changing your home into a magical castle complete with crowns and fancy dress up clothes. This theme may be combined with the Storybook or the Disney if choosing a Disney Princess. With this theme you can really play up the light pinks and blues. You can take your guest on an adventure as they make their way through your royal chambers. This theme is also a good way to provide some elegance to the affair.


Who doesn’t have fun at the carnival or circus? Bright red and white decorations will be the perfect color scheme. Popcorn and hot dogs are a must have treat. Carnival games can be created for the little ones to enjoy, like knocking down the bowling pins or tossing ping pong balls into small containers of water to win fabulous prizes. You can turn your little one into a lion tamer with his favorite stuffed animal. This is a great theme to entertain your guests from the moment they step foot in the venue.

Just born, Going on 30

This is a new popular theme that has been exciting to attend and exciting to plan. An office themed party can be surprisingly cute and fun! You can use a combination of ties, mustaches, newspapers, file folders. You can even use file boxes to create displays on your food or dessert tables. You can also create a City Living theme that turns you home into a modern Manhattan Landscape. This theme allows you to put on a sophisticated event with a cute twist. This theme is good for 1st Birthday parties that will be mostly adults.

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